Month: February 2018

Where to start?

Where do you start??                                                                                  Can also find me on Bloglovin’ You have to decide what bothers you the most and approach the subject with your partner when they are not busy, stressed or distracted. Offer to go for a walk or a car ride that way you have their undivided attention. Let them know tactfully […]

Just say it!

The biggest key to any relationship is communication! Simple right?!  Of course it is, yet it is the leading cause for so many issues. Why?? Everyone is afraid of hurting the other one’s feelings. That is where I made my mistakes in my first relationship. I was always afraid of hurting the other person or […]


  We are all in some type of relationship; could be our family, a loved one, a best friend, a co-worker. Whatever type of relationship you are in then you need to make sure you are not being taken advantage of and you are doing your part. If you have an amazing relationship then that […]