About me

So who am I?

My name is Amanda and I am happily married with a couple of kids on a small farm in Arkansas.

I didn’t start out happily married. I was in a bad relationship for over a decade. It taught me a lot about how to be a better person and to see others for how they really are. When I met my husband of now, I wasn’t looking for someone, but I am thankful we met. I honestly believe that we are soulmates – we couldn’t imagine life without each other. Not being mushy but it is amazing when you can be best friends and lovers! Everyone should be in a relationship where they can experience this. Relationships shouldn’t be about walking on egg shells or worrying about upsetting the other one.

My goal with this blog is to encourage others to find that right person and to be that right person. Also, to teach couples little things that matter and that make a HUGE difference.


You are always welcome to contact me with questions at relationshipsthatrock@gmail.com